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Renaissance Period Jugs-Jars-Vases-Plates 

About Our Products

Unique Tuscan Maiolica Ceramics imported from a renowned workshop in the Val d’Orcia valley founded over 60 years ago by master craftsmen. Their expertise and skills passed on to a select few that although number less than 10 in existence today rigorously follow the ’rules’ handed down to them. These distinctive hand-crafted Ceramics are still based on the original features and characteristics of artisan workshops of the Tuscan renaissance period of the 1400’s. The meticulous attention to detail along with expert historic traditions make each individual creation a work of art. The primordial elements of air, earth, fire and water are skillfully molded to give life to each artistic piece, built on the historic values of the rich Tuscan pottery tradition as appreciated throughout Italy and indeed the World.

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